Who We Are 


About Positive Solutions, Inc.

Over the past decade, we have received both a TIF-3 grant and a TIF-5 grant. We are currently in our fourth year of the TIF-5 grant.

District Leadership Structure

Board of Directors

Dr. Daniel Juarez

Board Chairman   

Mrs. Irma Latour    



Mr. Curly Spears    

Board Member   


Ms. Margaret Luna

Board Member


Mr. Ron Sanchez

Board Member


Dr. Jesse Zapata

Board Member


District/Campus Leadership Team

Mrs. Ruby Torres 

Interim Superintendent/Principal   


Annual Salary: $80,000

Ms. Carrie Burns

Expert Teacher Leader


Mrs. Maya Yruegas

Business Manager


Mr. Ernesto Tijerina    



Regular Board Meeting Information - November 17, 2020

Regular Board Meeting Information -  September 15, 2020

Special Board Meeting Information - August 3, 2020

Regular Board Meeting Information - July 30, 2020

Regular Board Meeting Information - June 24, 2020

Emergency Board Meeting Information - March 20, 2020



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